Caregiver in Diamond Bar, CA: Seniors and Cognitive Decline
Caregiver in Diamond Bar, CA: Seniors and Cognitive Decline

When your mom’s cognitive skills decline, it’s hard to ignore. Your mom insists she’s okay. Her doctor says it’s normal age-related memory loss. Before you give up, learn how to tell when cognitive decline is concerning and what to do about it. 
Memory Loss Goes Beyond Forgotten Keys 
When cognitive skills are declining, you’ll find the memory loss is more than forgetting where your mom put her keys or glasses. It’s worrisome when she’s forgetting how to do things like start her computer or keeps getting lost when she’s driving home from the grocery store. 
It’s important to recognize the signs of early dementia. Repetitive questions occur. Your mom asks you if you’ve heard a specific news story, and you talk about it. An hour later, she asks if you’ve heard that news story. When you tell her you talked about it already, she has no memory of that discussion. 
Your mom made an appointment for a haircut. It’s written on her calendar, yet she forgets all about her appointment. She may have forgotten that she goes to your dinner each Saturday night. When she doesn’t show up and you call her, she’s stunned and forgot all about your weekly dinners. Those are other signs that extend beyond normal age-related memory loss. 
Some signs may be harder to see, but pay attention and you’ll catch them. If your mom isolates herself from group activities and is avoiding her friends, she may be depressed, which is an early warning sign. She may find it hard to get around her favorite mall and follows you instead of leading the way. 
Be Pushy When You Talk to Her Doctor 
Talk to your mom’s doctor about the signs you’re seeing. If the doctor dismisses you, be pushy. Your mom has the right to ask for a second opinion or to see a specialist. Make her comfortable by offering to go to the appointment with the specialist. Sometimes, there is strength in numbers. 
Get Support in Place Now 
Your mom is in the early stages of dementia. Now is the perfect time to start getting a care plan in place. It’s also an excellent time to talk about future objectives. Powers of attorney for financial and medical goals, her will, and her advance directive are things she needs to arrange. 
Once these forms are completed, talk to her about her care goals. Would she want to stay in her home, or would she rather downsize now? Would she like one of her family members to move in with her, or would she want to move in with someone? 
Caregivers are a vital component of dementia care. You need help providing the care your mom needs now and years from now. As the disease progresses, she will need assistance with personal care, grooming, and toileting. Caregivers become a helpful solution to the challenges of the disease. 

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