Your senior’s lungs are a huge part of her overall health and well-being. Without her lungs, she doesn’t get the oxygen she needs and her quality of life suffers greatly. There are a great many lung issues that can plague your senior, ranging from asthma to COPD and even chronic pneumonia. All of these issues leave your senior’s lungs vulnerable, but there’s more that she can do to help them to be strong than she might think. 

Talk to Her Doctor about Vaccinations 

Yearly vaccinations, like for the flu and for pneumonia, might be a good idea for your senior. These vaccines don’t guarantee that your aging family member won’t get the flu or pneumonia, but they do give her a better chance of avoiding these illnesses. Some people need vaccinations every year, but your senior might not. Her doctor can help to determine her needs. 

Also Ask about Exercise 

While you’re there, make sure to ask about exercise for improving her lung health. Exercise is helpful for people with lung issues, within reason, because it helps to strengthen the lungs. Cardio exercises, like walking and swimming, can even help her to improve her lung capacity. Stronger lungs can be more resistant to lung illnesses. 

Limit Exposure to Irritants 

Irritants like pollution, smoke, and even certain fragrances can damage your senior’s lungs and irritate them. If she’s allergic to any of these things, that can present a whole other set of issues, too. Even household chemicals can suddenly be an issue for your aging family member. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what irritants your senior needs to avoid and the best ways for her to do that easily. 

Help Her to Conserve Her Energy 

As much as your senior needs exercise, she also needs to know when to conserve her energy. There are times when it’s more important for your elderly family member to be able to rest and to save her energy for the really important activities, like exercise. Having help from home care providers can help her to balance out her energy throughout the day so that she can still do the things that she needs and wants to do, without worrying about what’s been left undone. 

Ultimately, your senior can do quite a bit to help her lungs to be as healthy as possible, but she might need a little bit of extra help to get that job done properly. 

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