Your senior’s bones may be weaker than they were before, but there are still some things that you and she can do to protect them now and improve their strength. Even if your elderly family member doesn’t officially have osteoporosis, she can benefit from improving her bone health now.

Changing Her Diet Can Support Her Bones

Elderly Care Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Seniors and Bone Health

Elderly Care Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Seniors and Bone Health

Your senior’s food choices can make a big difference in the nutrients her body has to utilize for keeping her bones strong. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein, vegetables, and fruits can help her body to have the calcium and vitamin D that she needs to keep her bones as strong as possible. Your senior’s doctor may recommend a specific eating plan for her that helps her to get the nutritional boost that she needs.

Weight-bearing Exercise Helps Immensely

Something else that your senior’s doctor is likely to recommend for her is weight-bearing exercise. This is sometimes a confusing term, but all that it means is that your senior’s own weight is used in the exercise. Some easy examples of weight-bearing exercise can include walking or dancing. These types of exercises strengthen not only your senior’s muscles, but also her bones.

Some Things She Loves Are Not So Helpful

But as much as some things can help with bone health, there are other things that aren’t so helpful. Unfortunately, some of those things may be activities and things that she really enjoys. Alcohol, smoking, and even sodas according to some doctors can all have detrimental effects on bone health. These might be habits and activities that your senior might want to look at more closely along with her doctor. Together they can determine how much of a risk her preferred activities might pose to her bone health.

Her Doctor Can Monitor Her Bone Health

Your elderly family member’s doctor can also help her to monitor her bone health over time. As she makes some changes, she may see some improvements that they determine together put her where she wants to be. The goal isn’t to make your senior miserable or to make her unhappy with her life. The goal is to make sure that she’s as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Part of protecting your senior’s bones includes making provisions to help her to be as safe as possible. Elderly care providers can help your elderly family member to keep her home as neat as possible so that clutter doesn’t become a tripping hazard. They can also help with preparing meals, especially when your senior is trying foods that are new to her or that take a lot more time and energy to prepare than she’s used to.


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