If your senior parent or loved one is receiving home care and you are looking for ways to keep them busy at home and make them feel included in the outside world, look no further than the latest technology, which has come a long way in making people feel connected and improving the ease of use as well.

Seniors getting home care might feel isolated, especially if they never leave the house or if the colder winter months prevent them from doing so. You might feel a little reserved about trying new technology devices with your senior and maybe you are worried about them getting hooked or wondering how they will deal with any technical issues that could arise.

Senior Care Rancho Cucamon, CA:Ways Technology Can Help Your Senior Feel Included

Senior Care Rancho Cucamon, CA:Ways Technology Can Help Your Senior Feel Included

There are numerous types of smart devices these days, from watches to ear buds to consoles that sit in your house and do everything from telling you the weather to playing your favorite songs with a quick verbal request.

Use these devices to encourage and motivate your senior to get moving, remind them to take important medications or not miss appointments, or to calm them down with guided meditations or soft relaxing music when they are feeling tense or stressed or sad about missing out on activities, they are unable to attend.

You can even connect certain devices to work together to do things such as lock doors, turn on lights, or program the thermostat in your senior’s home which could even save on the monthly bill.

IPads and tablets are senior-friendly and can help keep them busy with games, puzzles, and other ways to keep their mind sharp and pass the time. They are also a great way to let seniors keep in touch with friends and family members, especially if distance or mobility issues keep them from seeing loved ones in their life face to face.

Social media is a way for seniors to be kept up to date on life events for important people in their lives like weddings, baptisms, graduations, and more. And photo and video apps make phone calls easer and more enjoyable than ever.

Before you throw in the towel or decide that technology is too much work or that your senior won’t be able to pick it up, give it a try. You might be surprised at how easily some seniors are able to learn something new and how much better their life becomes now that they have an independence that they hadn’t had in a while. Seniors love to feel included and less isolated and the use of technology is one way for them to make that happen in the comfort of their own home.

Helpful hint: If your senior is new to social media or now has free rein on the internet, be sure to talk to them about online safety and about not giving out their personal information at any time. You might also experiment with different settings on devices that will not allow them to make purchases or get into areas of the internet that might not be safe for them.


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