Has your elderly loved one been avoiding eating? Maybe they claim that they have no appetite. There are many things that could cause a loss of appetite in senior citizens. Certain medications, illnesses, feeling nauseated, and other things can cause this issue. However, there are some tips on how you or senior care providers can get your elderly loved one to eat properly again.

Using Aromatherapy

Senior Care Ontario, CA: Seniors and Eating

Senior Care Ontario, CA: Seniors and Eating

Many people have used aromatherapy to help stimulate one’s appetite. If your elderly loved one has lost their appetite, you can try a number of things. First, you should try to create some of the meals they ate during their childhood. A home-cooked meal could also help. Alongside the meal, you might want to try some appetite-stimulating essential oils including tangerine, spearmint, and peppermint. Tangerine is known to boost hunger and relieve anxiety and stress. Spearmint is known to stimulate hunger for a longer period of time. It also helps with digestion. Peppermint can help your loved one to relieve their nausea.

Eating a Healthier Breakfast

If your elderly loved one has been skipping their breakfast or eating breakfast with a bunch of empty calories this could cause problems for them all day. It could make them nauseous, as well, which could lead to a loss of appetite later in the day. If you want to help stimulate your elderly loved one’s appetite, have them start eating a healthier breakfast.

Smaller Meals Over the Course of the Day

Another way that you can help your elderly loved one to eat properly again is to serve them smaller meals over the course of the day. If your loved one has no appetite, they aren’t going to want to eat a large meal. However, you or their senior care providers might be able to get them to eat something small a few times throughout the day. This way they are still getting the calories and nutrients they need, without becoming unhealthy.

Using Bigger Plates

If you want to stimulate your loved one’s appetite, you can serve a small amount of food on a bigger plate. This way they feel like they aren’t eating very much at all. They might be able to convince themselves to eat that small amount of food (which just looks smaller because you are using a bigger plate).

Socialize Mealtimes

Another way that you can get your elderly loved one to eat properly again is by socializing their mealtimes. Maybe they aren’t eating because they feel lonely or don’t want to eat on their own. You or their senior care providers can eat alongside them and have a conversation with them during the mealtime.

These are some of the tips you can use for getting your elderly loved one to eat properly again. If they have lost their appetite, this can cause many health issues. Use these tips to help them regain their appetite.


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