Elderly Care Ontario, CA: Elderly Care Services
Elderly Care Ontario, CA: Elderly Care Services

As your parents get older, some of their household and personal chores become harder to complete. Arthritis pain keeps them from being able to lift a heavy laundry basket. Memory issues keep them from remembering medications. Either way, they need help at home. 
Elderly care services give them that helping hand they need to stay independent in their home. These five services are the most important to discuss as a family. 
#1 – Laundry 
Having someone to do their laundry each week maybe all of the help your parents need. Caregivers can stop in once a week to change towels and strip beds. After washing all dirty clothes and linens, caregivers put things away, make the beds, and leave. 
#2 – Housekeeping 
When vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and wiping down surfaces is hard to manage, elderly care aides are there to help. They can do the household chores that your parents cannot do alone anymore. If there are chores your parents still love to do, they’re welcome to keep doing them. 
#3 – Meal Preparation 
If they’re not eating well, your parents should have caregivers cooking their meals. Caregivers can talk to them about their favorite meals, create a meal plan, and cook those meals. Your parents have healthier options and can stop relying on takeout or frozen dinners. 
#4 – Companionship 
Your mom and dad may have a wide circle of friends still living in the area. They may not have anyone nearby and often go weeks without having visitors. Companionship services are important if your parents don’t have a large social circle. 
Caregivers stop by to provide friendship, join your parents for walks or outings, and play cards or board games with them. Your parents have someone to talk to, which improves their mental and physical health. 
#5 – Transportation 
At some point, your mom or dad may not be able to drive. Worsening vision, slowed reaction times, or health issues can change everything. At that point, your parents need to rely on others for transportation. 
If you’re still working, dropping everything to drive your dad to the grocery store may not be feasible. Your mom’s doctor’s appointments, dental cleanings, and eye exams may conflict with meetings and conferences. You can’t be there to drive them around every day. 
Transportation services from an elderly care agency can drive them for you. Caregivers can take them to appointments and stay until they’re ready to leave. They can join your parents on shopping trips. Or, you could have caregivers pick up items before going to your parents’ house. 
To arrange these five elderly care services, call an agency. The representative will talk to you and your parents about the things they do independently and those they could use a little help completing. After that, your parents will have a schedule of services that meet their needs and ensure they’re content as they age at home. 

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