Senior Care Ontario, CA: Social Media and Seniors
Senior Care Ontario, CA: Social Media and Seniors

Sometimes social media gets a bad reputation. Yes, it has to be used wisely and there are pitfalls to using social media too much or using it to take the place of actual interactions, but it can also have some really positive benefits for your aging parent. As your parent’s caregiver, you are constantly looking at ways to enrich her life, from planning social events (when you can have them nowadays), to scheduling important appointments and even hiring additional help like a senior care provider. But have you thought about getting your parent a laptop or smart phone so that she can use the internet and social media sites to enrich her life? Here are a just a few ways your aging parent might benefit from joining the online world.  

  1. Staying Connected. Now, more than ever, with all of the social gathering restrictions, social media has provided a great way to stay connected to your neighbors down the street and your family halfway across the world. It provides a chance to have personal conversations through messaging services and video chats while also giving a broader view of what your friends and family are up to. Now, your elderly parent can immediately see photos of a grand niece that was born last week or watch her grandson’s music performance.  
  1. Staying Positive. With proper social media and internet use, your parent can enjoy the benefits of better mental stimulation and connection. Whether it’s playing some mentally challenging games or learning more about Black History Month, your parent can benefit from the knowledge she’ll gain and the activity she does. As always, there needs to be a caveat from either your or her senior care provider that just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s true. You both can help your parent learn to do research on facts and ideas she reads about online.  
  1. Bridging the Age Gap. In the past, it may have been difficult for your parent to connect with her grand kids when they talked about latest trends, fads, or music. Now, if your parent wants to learn more about a singer her grandchild really enjoys, she can seek out that singer on YouTube or other programs, listen to a few songs, and build that connection with her grandchild. Enlist those younger family members to help your parent engage that way. They might even make some fun TikTok videos together to share with the virtual world.  
  1. Generating New Passions. Your parent may find she has really taken on a desire to learn more about a new hobby , such as photography. The internet and many social media sites have groups specifically geared for fans of a particular hobby or interest. She can join Facebook groups for photography, check out Pinterest accounts or follow her favorite photographers on Instagram or Twitter.  
  1. Keeping Up to Date with World Events. Whether it’s right in her own community or across the world, following legitimate news sites on social media can provide your parent with the information she needs to stay tuned to what’s happening in the world around her.  

Much like many caregivers had to teach their children about the pros and cons of internet use, you’ll want to do the same with your parent before unleashing her into the virtual world.  

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