If you’re the caregiver of an aging parent who wants to stay in his home for as long as possible, you’ve probably done everything you can to make that wish a reality. As a caregiver, you have made sacrifices in many areas of your life to help your aging parent with what he needs on a weekly or even daily basis so that he can continue to live a fulfilling life out of his home 

But perhaps you are discovering that your parent needs more than just you, or maybe you are living in a location that requires a long drive to get to your parent’s home or even a flight. You might be at the point where you feel it’s time to introduce the idea of hiring an elder care professional to team up with you and your parent so that the necessary tasks can get done and your parent can stay in his home. 

Even though you may see this as a best solution to help your parent, he may not. Many elderly people are leery of having a stranger come into their homes to help for a variety of reasons. It may be trust issues, fear of losing independence or even just a lack of understanding of what they need help withAs you begin the conversation of hiring an elder care professional to help around the home, here are a few key concerns your parent may have and some responses that might help him see the positives of hiring an elder care provider 

“I don’t trust a stranger in my home.”  

Elder Care Upland, CA: Talking About Elder Care

Elder Care Upland, CA: Talking About Elder Care

It could be that your parent is afraid of theft or maybe a stranger discovering a secret or habit that your elderly parent is ashamed of. Reassure your parent that all elder care professionals have background checks and take an oath of confidentiality. An elder care professional is just that, a professional. It’s not like having the nosy neighbor poking around the home. The elder care professional’s job is to make your parent’s life easier and better without any judgment.  

“What if I don’t like the person?” 

It’s true that sometimes people just don’t click. While all elder care professionals will perform their duties with kindness and integrity, sometimes a compatibility factor just doesn’t click. Assure your parent that if that happens, it’s perfectly okay to look for a new elder care professional. Of course, remind your parent that he will have to do his part as well. Just as your parent deserves respect and kindness, so does every elder care professional. 

“I don’t need any more help. I’ve got you!”  

Of course, it’s natural for your parent to simply want you to help. As his caregiver, you are probably doing everything you can. Explain to your parent that it would really benefit you to have a little assistance. And it might even free up more “fun” time with your parent so the next time you have an hour to spend with your parent, you won’t have to spend it doing laundry, you can spend it going for a walk in a park or playing a game of cards.  

Elder care can be a great blessing to both you, the caregiver, and your parent. Helping your parent welcome an elder care professional into his life is just the first step to better days ahead.  


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