Each year, National Cut Your Energy Costs Day brings attention to the steps to take to lower your energy costs. Simple steps can lower your monthly expenses and put more money into your savings. Your mom needs help around the home. With a few changes in the home, reduced energy bills make senior care possible.

Cut the Energy That Appliances Use

Senior Care Montclair, CA: Quick Ways to Slash Bills on National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Senior Care Montclair, CA: Quick Ways to Slash Bills on National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Your mom’s refrigerator stopped working. When you shop for a new one, filter the results to focus only on ENERGY STAR appliances. These appliances may cost a little more, but they use far less energy than cheaper models. Your mom saves money each month.

When new appliances are added in her home, keep them operating correctly. Vacuum dust off the back of the refrigerator and remove dust from beneath it. Keep a new oven cleaned of grease and grime. Avoid using the heated dry feature of a dishwasher and dry items by hand instead with a clean towel.

For appliances that she cannot afford to replace, run them as needed. If she only uses her washing machine once a week, unplug it when it’s not in use. If she has a TV in her den that’s only watched when she has guests, there’s no reason to keep it plugged in when no one is visiting. Her coffeemaker, microwave, toaster, and stand mixer only need to be plugged in when she’s using them.

Invest in Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips help save money but turning off appliances that are used infrequently. Your mom’s computer is one of the places to install these strips. The computer is plugged into the main outlet. Peripherals like her printer, scanner, and monitor go into the power-saving plugs. When the computer isn’t running, energy to the peripherals is cut off.

Lower the Temperature

If your mom keeps her heat at 75, she’s wasting money. She can drop it to 72 and wear slippers and a sweater. She’ll save a lot of money on her heating bill. A programmable thermostat makes it easy to turn the temperature down at night when she’s sleeping and back up before she awakens.

Invest in Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are programmed to turn on and off when needed. Set them to turn on half an hour before the sun sets at night, off at her usual bedtime, and on again at the time your mom usually gets up. She won’t forget to turn off a light as she beings her morning or evening routine.

The added benefit to smart bulbs is that they are LED bulbs. They use less energy than other types of light bulbs.

With these simple changes, your mom saves money. She can use the savings to pay for senior care services that help her remain independent. Call a senior care agency to discuss prices and how to get started.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering Senior Care in Montclair, CA please contact the caring staff at Motherly Comfort Home Care, LLC today at (909) 610-3222.

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