We had a sweet surprise when we walked into our clients home for the first time to conduct an in home assessment this week. I had never experienced walking into a home covered in feces/urine and inhabitable.  Sad, but VERY common in our industry. Immediately we reached out to all of our resources and started making calls! I would like to thank Jason from Bio-One Temecula for coming out within a 24 hour notice, on a Saturday morning  to help clean and disinfect our client’s home! She is now back at home after being in ICU, and in rehab for 3 months. The staff of Motherly Comfort Home Care was happy to donate our new client her new hospital bed as a welcome home gift! We are so proud of the improvements and eagerness to get better from our client. We look forward to serving her.  It feels so good to be able to make a difference in someone’s life. Please look out for your neighbors! If you know of a friend/family/neighbor whom may benefit from home care please give us a call! We are available 24/7. 909-652-4444