Elderly Care Pomona, CA: Salt and Your Senior's Diet
Elderly Care Pomona, CA: Salt and Your Senior’s Diet

So many health issues can improve when your senior reduces her salt intake. That can be easier said than done, especially if your elderly family member thinks she’s getting less salt, but her food labels say otherwise. 

Processed and Fast Foods 

One place salt hides that probably won’t surprise you is in fast food and processed food. These foods are a haven for both salt and sugar, and that’s a big problem if your elderly family member is trying to cut back. The problem is that these foods are so very easy to make a meal out of, and if your elderly family member doesn’t enjoy cooking, she might be leaning on these options. One solution might be to bring in elderly care providers to cook for her. 

Baked Treats 

Baked treats can be really tasty, but they too can hide some extra salt. This is especially true in packaged baked goods, but lots of homemade baking recipes call for more salt than you might have thought. It’s a good idea to look for lower salt versions, but don’t rely on a sticker on the front telling you that. Read the label on the back. 

Breakfast Cereals 

Cereal is technically a baked good, and guess what that means? There’s more sodium there than might be a good idea for your senior. This isn’t the case for every single type and brand of cereal. Again, reading labels really pays off here. Even when you trust a brand, make sure to peek at the nutritional label on the side of the package. 

Salad Dressing, Ketchup, and Mustard 

Three of the most common condiments used in most kitchens include mustard, ketchup, and salad dressing. And all three can be very salt heavy. Some condiments are expected to taste salty, like soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce. This is another category that you need to do a little more reading so that you can be sure what’s in the product. 

Foods That Claim to Have “Reduced” Sodium Levels 

The big surprise might be the foods that are labeled “reduced sodium.” That can mean something different than you think it means and that’s a problem. Sometimes that label is accurate and there’s less sodium. But how much less? For this category, you need to read two labels to see how much less sodium there really is. 

Kicking salt can be really difficult. Try reducing your senior’s salt intake rather than trying to go cold turkey. 

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