Insomnia in Seniors: What You Need to Know 

Have you been feeling frustrated about your sleepless nights? According to the National Sleep Foundation, insomnia greatly affects adults and older adults alike. While there are more younger adults who experienced symptoms of insomnia, there are still quite a number of those over the age of 65 who say they have insomnia or its symptoms. 

When we’re taking care of our aging family members at home, their insomnia episodes can also affect the primary caregivers which can result in irritability, frustration, and even burnout. As you notice these incidences at home, it’s advisable for you to take some respite and let a professional home care provider in San Bernardino, California step in for you. Home care providers offer respite care to help you take a break without guilt so you can recover your strength and return to providing quality caregiving once again. 

Meanwhile, when your senior loved one does have insomnia or even sleeping difficulties, here are interventions you can assist them with: 

  • Know the Causes
    There are different causes of sleeping difficulties. It could be because of physical pain from their illness, fear of the future, or worrying about a loved one. But the American Association of Retired Persons said that the medicines seniors take can also cause insomnia. These drugs include corticosteroids, alpha blockers, and cholinesterase inhibitors, to name a few. Encourage your loved one to tell you what makes sleeping difficult for them. This way, you can help them find intervention or, if possible, treatments.
  • See a Healthcare Professional
    In some instances, your senior loved one may not be able to tell you exactly what causes their sleeping issues. When this is the case, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional to diagnose insomnia and identify possible remedies to ease the condition. Schedule an appointment with their primary physician or a licensed counselor to help ease their concerns on sleeping difficulties. 
  • Adhere to the Treatments
    Doctors can prescribe medical treatments to induce better sleep in a person with insomnia. Ensure that these prescriptions are adhered to. Professionals providing home care service in Upland, California can remind your loved one in taking these treatments. However, you can also apply home remedies to sleep better. You can try playing calm music before bedtime, establishing a sleeping routine, taking a bath before sleeping, and dimming the room.

At Motherly Comfort Home Care LLC, we’ll be right here to provide assistance when you need some backup with your caregiving tasks. If you want to inquire about our services, feel free to contact us.