People are seldom prepared to become caregivers. Many people find themselves suddenly thrust into the position when an older family member, such as a parent, becomes ill or disabled. When you first become a caregiver, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do. You may even be afraid you’ll do something wrong that makes matters worse. One way to get over these feelings is to find ways to build your confidence as a caregiver. Below are some confidence building tips.


Be Prepared to Learn

Caregiver Diamond Bar, CA:Caregiver Confidence

Caregiver Diamond Bar, CA:Caregiver Confidence

Go into the job of caregiver with the goal of learning. Accept that you do not currently know everything you need to know to be the best caregiver you can be and find ways to change that. Be open to new ideas about being a caregiver and willing to try new things. When you accept that you are a beginner, making mistakes won’t feel as bad as they would if you believed you already knew all there was to know. Keep in mind that the mistakes you make aren’t likely to have lasting effects on the older adult, so you shouldn’t be frightened to make them. Instead, be determined to learn from them.


Learn About the Senior’s Condition

The more knowledge you have about the conditions you are helping your older family member to deal with, the more confident you are likely to feel about being a caregiver. Spend time researching the senior’s condition, symptoms you can expect them to have, and treatments they may be receiving. You can find information on the Internet (be sure to visit only sites that offer reliable information, such as well-known clinics and hospitals and government agencies). You should also feel comfortable asking the senior’s doctor for information and literature about the condition. Your questions will be welcome as the doctor will see you as part of the senior’s care team.


Find a Caregiver Class or Seminar

You may be able to find a nearby seminar or class that teaches caregiver skills. A social worker may be able to direct you to one. You may also be able to find learning opportunities through the local senior center or hospital.


Join a Caregiver Support Group

A caregiver support group will give you some insight into the caregiver experience through the eyes of other caregivers. Group members may be able to direct you to resources and offer tips for dealing with specific challenges. In addition, you’ll receive some important emotional support from other members and have a place to talk about what is worrying you about being a caregiver.


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