Hearing loss affects so many areas of your elderly family member’s life. She probably already realizes that there are aspects of life that are more difficult than when her hearing was much better, but some of the issues she faces are a little more subtle. These are just a few of the ways hearing loss can affect her.

Her Ability to Communicate Is Heavily Impacted

Home Care Diamond Bar, CA:  Four Reasons to Be Concerned about Hearing Loss

Home Care Diamond Bar, CA: Four Reasons to Be Concerned about Hearing Loss

When your elderly family member can’t hear well, it’s a lot more difficult for her to communicate. In fact, she might start to shut down as far as communication goes. She may start to withdraw or even ignore what’s going on around her, even if she can hear it. She might find that she’s accidentally alienating the people around her when that’s not what she really wants to have happen.

Her Relationships Are Affected

Because of communication issues, your senior’s relationships are directly affected. Social isolation is a massive problem for people with hearing problems, and you can help your elderly family member to avoid this if you’re alert to the issues she’s having with her hearing. Talk to your elderly family member about how she’s feeling about her reduced ability to hear. There may be other solutions that she hasn’t considered.

Ear Infections Are Tougher to Spot

Ear infections have a lot of different symptoms, including pain, but one of the most obvious early signs can be reduced hearing. Tackling an ear infection soon after it starts makes it easier to handle the problem, but with significant hearing loss, your elderly family member might not notice that she’s dealing with an ear infection until it’s a much larger one. That might require a longer time taking antibiotics, among other things.

Falls Are More Likely

Your senior’s ability to avoid a fall is more closely related to her hearing than either of you might realize. Balance is assisted greatly by the middle and inner ear, and those parts of her ear might be damaged or not working properly. When that happens, your elderly family member might find that it’s much more difficult to avoid falling.

Hearing aids can help with a variety of these issues, but they’re not the only solution. One answer that can help both you and your senior to feel a little more secure is to hire home care providers. They can assist your senior in navigating this new aspect of her life.

Excerpt: There are plenty of reasons to be worried about your senior’s hearing, but some of these might be new considerations for you and your senior.


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