Your senior may have expressed to you that she’s determined to age in place. That’s all well and good, but there are lots of different situations to consider when you’re determining whether this makes sense for your family member. With help, this could be more possible for your senior than you realize.

Her Overall Safety at Home

Elder Care Rancho Cucamon, CA: Four Practicalities Involved in Aging in Place

Elder Care Rancho Cucamon, CA: Four Practicalities Involved in Aging in Place

The biggest practical consideration when your elderly family member expresses a desire to age in place is whether it’s safe in general for her to do so. Determining this involves taking a closer look at your senior’s home. You’re looking for maintenance issues that can be corrected or safety tools that can be put into place, like handrails in key locations. You may also need to remove obstacles or clutter to ensure she has a safe path through her home.

Keeping up with Household Tasks

Household tasks can definitely pile up for anyone, but your senior is a bit of a different story. It might take her longer to do certain things, like folding laundry, and that time and energy might be better spent doing other things instead. The problem is that those tasks still need to be done in order to give your senior the quality of life that you want her to have.

Whether She’s Able to Cook for Herself

Food and its preparation is a critical component of your senior being able to age in place safely. If getting to the grocery store is a problem or if she’s having trouble differentiating between foods that are safe to eat or not, that can all be a hindrance to her plan. Having someone else doing the grocery shopping may be the help your senior needs, or she may need more help with cooking and other preparatory activities.

Being Able to Drive Safely

Driving is a sore topic for many aging adults, especially if they’re planning to age in place for the foreseeable future. Driving means independence and you may find that your senior defends her desire to continue to drive vehemently. The problem is that if driving is no longer safe for her, she needs an alternative form of transportation.

These concerns may not all show up at the same time. They may be things that you need to address over time for your senior. One way to do so that helps to be on the lookout for other issues is to hire elder care providers. They can help your senior with what’s difficult for her now and they can ramp up their assistance as she needs more help.


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