Sleep isn’t just something that we do. It is a necessary component of everyone’s day. When a person is able to sleep well at night, their brain gets the time it needs to make new connections and improve the ones already there. When sleeping, the brain is also repairing cells that have been damaged. When caring for your elderly loved one, it is important to know that good quality sleep will significantly improve your loved one’s memory and mental functions.  

Exercise and Sleep  

Caregiver Fontana, CA: Seniors and Exercise

Caregiver Fontana, CA: Seniors and Exercise

While it might seem odd, expending more energy when exercising can help someone to get better sleep. Exercising helps the body to fall asleep quicker and stay in a deeper sleep. This helps the body to restore damage that has been done. It also helps to boost memory, too. If your elderly loved one isn’t currently getting enough exercise, you or one of their caregivers might need to find ways to encourage them to do so.  

Exercise and Relieving Stress and Anxiety 

If your elderly loved one experiences generalized stress or anxiety, it can cause a lot of issues for their brain. Anxiety stops the brain and body from getting full rest. Instead, your elderly loved one is stuck in a state of dread and worry. This stress can weaken their brain’s ability to hold onto new information.  

Research shows that even being stressed for 3 days in a row can cause a significant decrease in how well synapses are created and formed. The synapses that are created help to strengthen the brain and improve memory.  

Exercise is a natural way to relieve stress and anxiety. It improves the way the brain functions. It is important to know that even if your loved one is stressed, exercising can help to combat the negative effects that would occur on their brain.  

Exercise Quantity and Quality 

It is important that your elderly loved one is getting quality exercise time in. For instance, if your loved one can’t workout for 30 minutes at a time, don’t push them to do so. However, if your elderly loved one can get a great workout during 15 minutes, you and their caregivers should motivate them to do that.  

Research shows that elderly people should try to get 150 minutes of exercise each week. If that sounds like a lot for your elderly loved one, encourage them to begin with 5 to 10 minutes each day.  


Exercising doesn’t have to be torture for your elderly loved one. You and caregivers can help your loved one to find exercises they enjoy. There are so many different forms of exercise that can be beneficial for your elderly loved one. The important thing to remember is that exercising can improve your elderly loved one’s sleep, memory, and other brain functions.  


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