Home Care Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Dementia Symptoms During the Winter
Home Care Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Dementia Symptoms During the Winter

During the winter months, many dementia patients have a much harder time managing their symptoms. For some reason, symptoms of this disease seem to flare up more in the winter months than during other months in the year. One suspected reason is because it gets darker earlier and because the colder weather irritates the person with dementia. Learning more about the symptoms that may get worse for your elderly loved one during the winter can help you to plan for how to care for them better.  

Sundowning Getting Worse 

For many dementia patients, sundowning gets worse during the winter months. Sundowning is when the person with dementia has irritability, confusion, aggression, and other symptoms like these later in the evening or at night. During the winter months, your elderly loved one might have worsed sundowning. This could cause them to become extremely irritable and aggressive. If you suspect this is happening, you should first talk to their doctor to see if they can help. You should also talk with their home care providers to see what you can do together to make things better for your elderly loved one and safe for everyone else, as well.  

Sleep Disturbances  

If your elderly loved one has dementia, they may have more or worsened sleep disturbances during the winter months. There are shorter days in the winter and it gets dark earlier. This is often very confusing for someone who has dementia. It can cause your elderly loved one to feel extremely restless at nighttime. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, you should try to add a bit more light to their house and put the temperature at a comfortable level for them.  

Worsened Depression 

Your elderly loved one might have worsened depression in the winter months, as well. Dementia patients often experience depression. The cold weather, shorter days, and darker evenings can make them feel even worse. If you suspect that the winter is making your elderly loved one’s depression even worse, you should talk to their doctor to see if any depression medications they are taking can be adjusted. You and the home care providers might need to spend more time with your elderly loved one, as well.  


If your elderly loved one has dementia, it is important to know that their symptoms might get much worse in the winter months. Now that you are aware of this and you know what symptoms might get worse for them, you can try to do something about it.  

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