Cervical Health Awareness: Tests and Prevention Methods

Cervical Health Awareness Month is in January.

Cervical cancer victimizes about 13, 000 women each year, according to the Foundation For Women’s Cancer. You can prevent it if you undergo regular check-ups and screenings. Ask your non-medical home care provider to help you concerning these prevention methods and take you to the nearest medical center that offers them:

  • Pap Smear/Test
    It tracks cancer cells that may cause Cervical Cancer if not treated at an early stage. Screening starts when a person reaches the age of 21. Do a pap test every three years when the previous result is normal and every five years when you undergo together with an HPV test.
  • HPV test
    Human Papilloma Virus affects 40% of women between ages 18 to 59. This test may help in the early detection of cervical cancer.
  • HPV Vaccination
    An HPV vaccine protects you from having Cervical Cancer but will not cure or treat you from it. Talk to your doctor if you can still have the vaccine considering your exposure to HPV, as this is recommended for people from ages 11 to 26, according to CDC.

As a concerned home care provider in San Bernardino, California, we want the best for you. We can help you seek medical help and take you to your doctor routinely – making sure you get the treatment you need for prevention and recovery.

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