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As soon as I started to introduce myself to a potential client she started to emotionally cry. She had been laying down on a dirty diaper for 2 days. As soon as she said that, I immediately asked her for her home address and I told her I would be there asap! I got to her house, opened my car trunk, put on my scrubs, got my box of gloves, and got her cleaned up. I love that I was able to serve her and really make a difference in her quality of life. I go to sleep at peace knowing that she will have a good night today. Home care is such a rewarding career, thank you to my caregiver Martha whom showed up last minute to help out! Many seniors or in a crisis. They don’t know who to go to. We are only 1 call away! #servefirst #Homecareprenuer #Motherlycomfort #myteamrocks #caregiversareheroes
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