Can You Prevent Stroke from Happening?


According to WebMD, while the actual stroke is beyond our personal control, preventing its occurrence is very doable. The experts say that about 80% of stroke can be prevented, especially if you’ve had a stroke in the past.

Here are important reminders to prevent a stroke from occurring or re-occurring. We’ve gathered these tips from our experienced years of providing home care service in Upland, California for stroke survivors and their loved ones.

  • Monitor Your BP
    Having high blood pressure (BP) is the prominent trigger of stroke. It pays to have your own BP monitor at home so that you or a loved one can check your BP every day. A home care provider in San Bernardino, California can also provide you with assistance in ensuring that your BP is in good measure.
  • Avoid Smoking
    While there are many other ailments that can quickly get complicated in a person who smokes, stroke is one of the major consequences of smoking. It’s because of the nicotine contained in each stick which increases your supply of the blood fat, resulting in buildup and stroke.
  • Manage Diabetes
    If you also have diabetes, learn how to manage this condition. Diabetes is one of the known causes of hypertension resulting in a stroke. Whether it’s you or a loved who’s got diabetes, a non-medical home care provider can help take care of you in fully managing this chronic ailment so that stroke can be prevented.
  • Exercise Daily
    Maintaining an active lifestyle is not only advantageous for those with high blood pressure problems. It’s also helpful for those who have other ailments and who just want to maintain a fit body. Perform a doctor-prescribed exercise with someone who can be of assistance.
  • Eat Healthily
    Stay mindful of your diet as the food you eat can also contribute to your fat intake. With fruits and vegetables, you can only take good fats which minimize stroke attack.

Start preventing stroke at home today. To help you manage your stroke recovery well, our team at Motherly Comfort Home Care LLC is also ready to assist you.