It’s estimated that almost six percent of the population has a problem with hoarding. It’s also believed that hoarding is more common in older men and women. Three of the common triggers seem to be cognitive issues, depression/loss, and social isolation. 


If you notice your mom is showing signs of hoarding, it’s important to see if there’s a reason. She may be filling a void after her sister died. She might be lonely and spending extra time shopping online or in stores. She may be used to stocking her cupboards for a family and cannot adjust emotionally to shopping for one person. 


What can you do to help your mom avoid hoarding? Home care is one of the best ways. Here are the services a home care aide provides that can keep your mom from hoarding. 



Home Care Chino Hills, CA: Seniors and Hoarding

Home Care Chino Hills, CA: Seniors and Hoarding

Companionship services can help your mom stop feeling isolated and lonely. If she doesn’t have friends who live close enough to visit regularly, companionship visits are important. While your visits will help her out, you may not be able to visit as often as she needs. 


Instead, you could have caregivers stop by a few times a week. Your mom could have someone to watch a movie with, go for a walk with, or to play a game of Scrabble. If she’s social, she may be less inclined to start overbuying items or bringing home free items that she really didn’t need. 



Is your mom hoarding items because she forgets she already has that item? If you’re finding she’s purchased another bottle of dish detergent when she has half a dozen, it could be that she’s not remembering what she needs.  


Hire caregivers to help her create a weekly shopping list, take her shopping, and put items away in an organized manner. That may end hoarding that comes from memory loss or forgetfulness. 



Having a caregiver available to keep your mom’s house clean can help avoid hoarding situations. If your mom is letting her magazines and newspapers pile up for months, a caregiver could recycle older issues during the weekly cleaning.  


Housekeeping services can make sure your mom’s rooms are free of obstacles that can lead to a fall. They can make sure trash goes outside into the bin and bring the bins back to the house when the haulers come through. 


How do you arrange home care services? It’s easy. Call a home care agency and explain your mom’s needs and abilities. The specialist can help you come up with a care plan and schedule that works with her needs. 


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