As a family caregiver for your elderly dad, one of the things you may worry about is whether your dad is happy. Older adults can get bored, particularly if they are stuck in the house because of an inability to drive or mobility problems. They may also be lonely. One way to make sure your dad is happy and has things to do is to hire elder care. Elder care providers can help your father to be more active in community and social events and that they have activities to do at home. Below are 5 ideas for activities an elder care provider can do with your dad.


#1: Attend Community Festivals and Events

Elder Care Chino, CA: Activities and Elder Care

Elder Care Chino, CA: Activities and Elder Care

Is there a festival going on in your dad’s community or perhaps an event he’d like to attend, like a car show? An elder care provider can help them to get ready for the event, making sure they are dressed appropriately for the weather, and drive them to it. While there, the elder care provider can walk with your father and make sure he doesn’t fall or get lost.


#2: Build a Birdhouse
It’s true that your father’s elder care provider might not be an expert builder, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help your dad to pursue his hobby if he enjoys making things from wood. The elder care provider can drive your dad to purchase supplies. They can also read instructions that may be too small for his elderly eyes. Or, if dad is no longer able to use his woodworking equipment, an elder care provider could help him to build a birdhouse from a kit.


#3: Watch a Movie
Movies are much more fun when they are shared with someone else. If your dad is in the mood for a movie, an elder care provider can sit and keep them company while they watch. Having a companion during a movie can ease loneliness and gives your father someone to comment on the movie to.


#4: Cook a Meal
Your dad may not be much of a cook, but with the help of an elder care provider, he can put a delicious meal on the table and know he had a part in making it. Elder care providers can involve him in making the meal by giving him tasks to do that match his abilities. He might stir ingredients together or wash and cut up the vegetables.


#5: Go to a Ball Game
Does your dad like watching baseball but cannot get to a live game on their own? An elder care provider can drive them to a local game and sit with them through it. During the game, the elder care provider can help him to get to the bathroom or the concession stand and give him someone to cheer with.


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